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THIS FALL's Big Question! 



    Kate says YES!

    Kate says YES!

"Hi, I’m Kate and I’m 11.  I think schools should serve junk food to kids because it makes kids happier at lunch and fuels them for the rest of their school day.
If schools stop serving these kinds of food, kids will still want to eat them, so they will just bring their own junk food in from home.  If this happens the school will lose money.
My third reason that we should allow junk food in schools is that kids should be trusted to make their own decisions about what they want to eat. We know what is healthy and what isn’t and we should be allowed to choose what we eat.
My suggestion: to limit the junk food available in schools and give healthy options too so kids have a choice."
Charlotte says NO!

Charlotte says NO!

"Hi , I’m Charlotte and I’m 11 too. It is my opinion that junk food should not be served in schools.  
First, obesity is a big problem in American, and junk food is well known for causing people to gain weight through empty calories.  
Second, I believe that junk food can cause misbehavior, because kids are getting too much energy from these sugary foods and drinks.  
Additionally, while parents may tell their children to not use their lunch money on sugary items, their parents do not come to school with their children to see what they order, so it is difficult for parents to figure out what foods, healthy or other, they did eat.  
Third, junk food creates a risk in schools.  Imagine a kid who is allergic to peanut butter, but his friend says to him “You need to try nutter butter, it is really good” and without thinking he tries it and then realizes what he did!  In conclusion, candy and junk food can be full of lies, so parents need to weigh in and ask schools to stop providing unhealthy things."
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