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Issue 7 of STRONG is here just in time for the holidays!

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This winter, we focus on math. Studies have shown that although many girls are interested in math at age 11, many have lost interest by the age of 15. This results in fewer women working in mathematical and STEM fields. In this issue of STRONG, we wanted to show you how awesome math can be! We talk to world renowned mathematician Melanie Matchett Wood, the first female EVER to make it onto the US International Mathematical Olympiad Team, who talks about how creative math is - because you’re trying to understand and figure things out about the universe that nobody has figured out before! We look at 5 female mathematicians who have changed the world, and we look at the use of math in art (ever heard of the golden ratio?) and nature.

We have a fantastic interview with Taylor Moxey, an 11-year-old entrepreneur, author an philanthropist. This awesome female doesn’t let anything stand in her way. To date she has created two libraries (one from an old shipping container), as well as started her own cupcake business and written her own book! Check her story on page 58.

For an inspirational story of bravery and courage, look no further than our interview with Millie Metchick on page 26. Millie was a regular, active 15 year old when she suddenly started experiencing excruciating pain and was diagnosed with a rare illness called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Read how Millie has fought against her illness and be amazed and inspired by her positive attitude and determination.

In “Your Planet, Your Future” we take a look at the impact fast fashion has on the environment, and challenge 3 of our STRONG role models to create outfits by recycling and upcycling. Check out our fab photoshoot for a look at affordable fashion that’s good for the earth!

All this and so much more in issue 7 of STRONG!



Issue 6 of STRONG is here! If you have a subscription, you can click the magazine cover above to read.

We’re kicking off with a great article on self defense. There’s nothing so empowering as feeling equipped to deal with whatever comes your way, so we had self defense expert and 5th degree blackbelt, Lisa Bohacs, show some of our STRONG girls some great self defense moves they could use to protect themselves.

We also have an amazing interview with the New York City Ballet’s Mary Elizabeth Sell. Ballet may look graceful, but it takes an enormous amount of physical and mental strength to make it to the top as a professional ballerina—and to make it look easy! Check out this great interview by STRONG’s summer intern, Emma Sydney, on page 36.

We talk to the former Australian star of Matilda the Musical, Izellah Connelly, about her new career as a pop star, and find out about her great girl power single “Unbeatable”!

There’s an article on protecting your digital identity, a focus on “The Problem with Plastic” and this fall we’re also focusing on back to school with great articles with tips if you’ve started a new middle or high school this year.

All this and so much more! If you haven’t already, subscribe today so you can get reading!!

Welcome to issue 5 of STRONG!  If you have a subscription, click here to read.  

This issue we tackle the important issue of gun control, and we talk to adventurer Pip Stewart about her recent expedition to Guyana where she and her teammates became the first people EVER to paddle the length of the Essequibo from source to sea.  There's an interview with The Queen of Diamonds drag car racer, Sarah Edwards, about her passion for traveling at high speeds, and we talk to Anika Bhagavatula, a young scientist who invented sustainable sorbent booms to help mop up oil spills.  All this plus a huge special all about periods, how to prepare a fantastic picnic, and MORE!



This spring we reach for the stars with a interview with Courtney Batterson, a 23-year-old assistant research scientist at NASA, who works on climate change not here on earth, but on Mars!  You can also read Ashley Jones' incredible story of courage and determination in "Life Without My Arm". STRONG's Heather Priest, shows us some kitchen knife skills, and we learn about life growing up in Shanghai, China!


Issue 3 - Winter 2017

Meet (and be awed by...) professional survivalist and celebrity expedition leader Megan Hine,  learn what it takes to become a firefighter, read one STRONG reader's scoliosis story, and be inspired by an all female robotics team!


Issue 2 - Fall 2017

Travel to Bremen, Germany to find out about life growing up in the heart of Europe, read an inspirational piece on depression and mental health from blogger and mental health advocate Lindsay Wheeler, and meet Anna Lang, a wrangler on a dude ranch in Arkansas.


Issue 1 - Summer 2017


Our pilot issue! Read this one for free to get a feel for what we're all about. Meet national TaeKwonDo champion Emily Fields, Syrian refugee and swimmer, Yusra Mardini - and learn why EVERYONE should learn to code...

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